A Step-by-Step Affiliate Marketing Guide

You'll learn everything you need to know to make money through Affiliate Marketing

  • Expert Tips And Tricks

    The knowledge you need to identify a niche, find the right platforms and get the content you need to start making money from a successful Affiliate website.

  • Tools, Software and Programs

    Demonstrations and recommendations on the latest tools, software and programs that will make the process of building and sustaining your site as easy as possible.

  • Honest Answers

    Should you use an aged domain or a new domain? How much money can you actually make? Answers to the questions you may have struggled to get a straight answer to.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Course Introduction

    • Introducing ODYS

  • 2

    Affiliate Marketing Training Success Story

    • Affiliate Marketing Training Success Story

  • 3

    What is Affiliate Marketing?

    • What is Affiliate Marketing?

  • 4

    Cookie Policies in Affiliate marketing

    • Cookie Policies in Affiliate Marketing

  • 5

    How Much Money Can Be Made Through Affiliate Marketing?

    • 3 - How Much Money Can I Make

  • 6

    Picking Your Niche

    • Things To Consider When Picking a Niche

    • Finding a Profitable Niche in Affiliate Marketing

  • 7

    Domains & Hosting

    • Using an Aged Domain or New Domain

    • Picking A Domain Name (Where Do I Start?)

    • Choosing The Right Hosting

  • 8

    Platforms and Programs

    • Choosing the Right Platform for Your Niche

    • Finding The Right Affiliate Programs

    • Identifying Affiliate Marketing Companies to Work with

  • 9

    Affiliate Marketing Content Process

    • Affiliate Marketing Content Process

    • Keyword Research and Content Planning

    • Finding Content Writers For Affiliate Marketing

    • Keyword Clusters and the Benefits

    • ContentPal: OutSource Your Content

    • Basic On-Page Content Tips

    • Internal Linking Guide

    • Internal Linking with LinkWhisper

    • Silo Structure

    • CRO & UX for Affiliate Websites

    • Amazon Affiliate Plugin AAWP

    • Table of Contents for Affiliate Websites

  • 10

    Link Building

    • Link Building for Affiliate Marketing

    • Guest Posts for Affiliate Marketing

    • Tiered Links/Powering your Guest Posts

    • Automate Your Google Stacks

  • 11

    What Not to Do in Affiliate Marketing

    • What Not to Do in Affiliate Marketing

  • 12

    Paid Traffic for Affiliate Marketing

    • Paid Traffic for Affiliate Marketing

  • 13

    CTR Manipulation

    • CTR Manipulation

    • Does CTR Really Work?

    • CTR Booster

    • Microworkers for CTR

    • Push Notifications to Increase CTR

    • Using Facebook Ads to Drive Traffic

    • Using Your Email List for CTR

    • Additional CTR Tips

  • 14

    Buying and Selling Affiliate Sites

    • Buying and Selling Affiliate Sites

    • Places to Sell Your Website

    • Build an Email List to Increase Your Website's Sale Value

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